How To Run Up Walls

Learning how to run up walls can be an incredibly impressive trick to perfect. Learning how to run up walls will impress your friends, family and strangers. Due to the nature of learning how run up walls, the stunt is very dangerous and should not be attempted without an experienced instructor. Learning how to run up walls will require you to put your body in positions which can cause severe injury, paralysis or even death. With proper supervision and practice learning how to run up walls can be both a fun and impressing stunt to perform.

  1. Spot a location. Thoroughly check the location and the condition of the wall. Pick a wall with enough space to practice running up walls. Ensure there are no nearby obstructions or damage to the ground or wall.
  2. Use safety gear. Put on a helmet, knee pads and arm pads when learning how to run up walls. Safety gear is recommended since learning how run up walls is a high-risk activity.
  3. Run towards the wall. Run towards the wall at full speed. Avoid looking at your feet and focus on the target in front of you.
  4. Plant your footing. Plant your stronger foot down on the ground several feet from the wall. Plant your other foot on the wall and begin to push up on the wall. Continue to focus on the wall and not the ground. Take several steps up the wall in a quick fashion.
  5. Run up the wall. Using your feet continue to run up the wall. Do not lean back. Continue upward and strong.
  6. Perform the flip. Perform the flip away from the wall once you reach the peak of your climb. Using your ankle, perform a quick rotation to initiate the flip away from the wall.
  7. Land the wall run. Focus on the ground and control your landing. Bend your knees to absorb the landing. Position your hands up high as not to injure them during the landing.


  • When learning how to run up walls always stress safety, as injuries are common with the stunt.
  • Practice learning to run up walls with full-speed. As your skill level progresses you can lessen the speed required.
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