How Safe Are The Beaches Of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

Wondering just how safe are the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? Puerto Vallarta beaches are among the safest in Mexico. For any veteran Mexico traveler, it is often frustrating to arrive at your beach resort only to learn that the ocean currents on your beach make swimming too dangerous. Cabo San Lucas is so dangerous on the ocean side that no one ventures into the water. The same can be said for Acapulco's gold coast resorts. Mexico has 6,000 miles of beaches and it is important to know what you are getting into–literally. Even Caribbean resort areas like Cozumel have strong currents to cause concern on its beaches. 

The advantage Puerto Vallarta has is location. Its beaches are tucked away in Banderas Bay. The bay protects against the pounding ocean surf that most Pacific side resort cities have to endure. The horseshoe shaped bay consists of 60 miles of beaches. The good news of relatively calm ocean water brings some bad news for surfers. Those relatively tame waters do not generate much surfing action.

The calm waters of Puerto Vallarta do have some big advantages over the crushing surf of other locations. Parasailing is much safer and easier. Snorkeling is considerably safer. Sailing on Banderas Bay is spectacular with generally moderate wave action. Weather, naturally, affects beach conditions and mid-October through mid-June is considered the dry season.

Puerto Vallarta beaches are very safe. Tourism is their livelihood. They have a vested interest in your safety. Aside from the annoyance of beach vendors, the beaches are very safe for sunbathing. Of course, you should always exercise care while traveling in Mexico because the United States boarder is the most dangerous part of Mexico.

The most important thing with any trip to a Mexican beach, including Puerto Vallarta, is to ask resort staff about beach and ocean conditions. As mentioned above, tourism is their livelihood. Resort staff are knowledgeable about beach conditions and they will give you good information.

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