How Safe Are Diet And Energy Pills?

Want to know, "How safe are diet and energy pills?" The idea of losing weight quickly is too appealing to most people, especially when a pill is promising success.  So, the question is, "how safe are diet and energy pills?"  There really isn't an answer, unless you know exactly what is in each product that you consider consuming.  These energy and diet pills do not go through the same process as prescription drugs.  The process is much more laid back.  The FDA monitors the companies, and can call action to ban the product after the harm has been done and reported. Diet and energy pills are not usually regulated through the FDA.

To understand if a diet or energy pill is safe or not, it's best to check the ingredients.  The best thing you can do for yourself is to educate yourself on every herb or chemical used in these pills to decide what may be best for you. Below is a description of the most common herbs and chemicals used in these diet and energy pills.

Diet Pills Overview

Safe ingredients to look for in diet pills:

  • Chromium -  This is said to increase the calories burned, decrease the appetite and build muscle.  The FDA has not reported any issues and has made a state that the drug is likely safe for any person.
  • Xenical (aka Alli) - This product was the first FDA approved diet pill in America, however there have been reports of possible liver damage and the company is looking into the problem, however the product has had no recalls or ban.  Xenical is said to decrease the absorption of dietary fat.
  • Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) – This product has been studied and known to absorb body fat while helping build muscle.
  • Green tea extract -  Green tea has been proven to speed up the metabolism and increase the number of calories burned while it decreases the appetite.
  • Guar gum - Guar gum is has been shown to absorb dietary fat and decrease the appetite by giving the feeling of being fuller. 
  • Hoodia - Hoodia has been around for sometime, and though there are rumors that this substance could be harmful, there have been on conclusive studies, except that it has been proven to decrease appetite.

Dangerous ingredients to stay away from in diet pills:

  • Ephedra – Ephedra has been banned by the FDA due to the harmful side effects.  Any product promising weight loss or energy with Ephedra in it is likely to be illegal and not safe.  Side effects for this substance include: strokes, rapid heartbeat, heart attacks, and possibly death.
  • Country mallow (heartleaf) – This is also a dangerous ingredient found in some diet and energy pills.  The substance has also been banned by the FDA.

Energy Pill Overview

Energy pills are about the same as diet pills when it comes to safety.  Because the market for the OTC pills, there isn't as much money being spent by big companies to insure the safety of the consumers.  It's terribly sad, but true in most cases.  While diet pills and energy pills are the same in some cases, they are also very different in many ways.  While diet pills aim at decreasing the appetite and speeding up the metabolism just a bit — energy pills just speed your body up.

There are mainly two types of energy pills out there.  The first is the organic and herbal supplements that are completely free of toxic chemicals and then other is made up of manmade chemicals that haven't had many studies proven to know if they are safe or not.  This is why it is more difficult to choose a safe energy pill.  The best way you can go about consuming safe energy pills is to look for organic substances as listed: Ginseng, Maca, Rhodiola and simple Caffeine.  Many ingredients listed above for safe diet pills are also found in energy pills along side of the safe herbal substances.

Please consult with a doctor before taking any medication and please consider your health as well in making the decision.  It's highly unsafe to take any of these supplements if you have a history of high blood pressure, heart disease, or other heart and health issues.



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