How To Safely Clean A Car Engine

Are you wondering how to safely clean a car engine? We found out—check out the step-by-step process below.

  1. Clean off loose debris. Leaves, dust, etc. accumulate in your car's engine area over time. Use an old paint brush or leaf blower to get loose debris off the engine.
  2. Start the engine. Allow the engine to run for a few minutes to slightly warm up. The engine should be slightly warm to touch, not hot. Your cleaner will not work well if your engine is too hot.
  3. Use foil to cover the air intake. Also use foil to cover the alternator and exposed filters.
  4. Use a degreaser or citrus cleaner. Use the cleaner of choice sparingly. Spray a small amount on engine parts, not on a rag or sponge. Degreaser will remove wax. These products can be found in any mart or drug store.
  5. Start by cleaning the perimeter of the engine bay. Next move on to the hoses and fluid containers. Use a mitt or brush for hard to clean areas. Rinse with a slow stream of water.
  6. Spray the firewall. Spray down as far as possible to eliminate dust, dirt and grease.
  7. Use your detail brush or wash mitt to continue cleaning in tighter areas of the perimeter. These supplies can be purchased inexpensively at any auto store or mart store.
  8. Move cleaning inward toward the middle of the engine. Continue using your mitt or brush with a bit of effort to remove grease and grime.
  9. Dry the engine. Use rags to dry the areas that were just degreased. Make sure the area is completely dry if following up with a wax. Waxing is optional. Do not use carnauba based wax.
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