How To Safely Find A Sex Partner

How to safely find a sex partner is key in having a no-strings attached relationship without health hazards. The idea of an only sexual relationship has been popular through out history. It is slightly more accepted by society now but comes with it health hazards. Safety should be a key factor in finding a sex partner.

Things you will need to safely find a sex partner:

  • A computer with Internet access
  • A phone
  • Adult magazines
  • Transportation
  • Communication skills
  • Papers to show you have had testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and you are negative
  • Condoms
  • An open mind
  1. Traditional dating methods, such as meeting someone at a bar, can be used to find a safe sex partner. This method is not for the shy. Be open and up front with the person you choose to approach. If the person expresses they are not interested in the idea, leave them alone immediately. There are much less bold methods to safely finding a sex partner.
  2. Try looking on-line for adult friend finder sites. There are many sites devoted to helping people find sexual partners safely. Additionally many online dating sites have options for those looking for intimate encounters and sex only relationships. Many of these sites are free but some do charge for their service.
  3. Look in online and in adult magazines for personal ads. Many other people are searching for a safe sexual partner and this is a convenient method to establish such a relationship.
  4. Post a personal ad. Most adult magazines (and some websites) charge for this. There are some places that allow you to post free online personal ads.
  5. After finding a potential candidate for a sex partner, proceed with caution. Meeting the person in a public setting to discuss things and get to know each other first is highly suggested. During this time you should decide if this will be a one time deal or if there is a possibility of repeat meetings. Good communication will help here. Remember to be open and honest. It is also a good idea to discuss sexual preferences.
  6. The possibility of STDs should also be discussed. It is a good idea to ask if the person has current STD testing. Most people will openly provide this information if you do the same. In addition after agreeing on terms, safety precautions such as condoms should be used.
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