How To Sail A Canoe

Learn how to sail a canoe. Sailing a canoe looks quite simple, but there are some techniques that need to be included to do it correctly. The power is all in the arms. Get ready to use them efficiently in these steps to sail a canoe:

Things you will need:

  • Canoe
  • Set of paddles
  1. Know your direction. The first thing you would need to know when sailing a canoe is what direction you are going in. The canoe would push with the wind and take your canoe in any direction the wind is blowing, so know your direction ahead of time before sailing. Get focused and determined to sail in that direction.
  2. Get comfortable in your canoe. In order to sail a canoe at your best, you would need to be seated in your canoe comfortably. Make sure you are secure and can handle the forces of the wind from that position. Once you are carefully positioned, then proceed to sailing.
  3. Begin to sail. When you begin to sail you would need to have your sets of paddles handy. Place them in the water and begin pushing forth your canoe with enough force. The amount of force exerted with the paddles depends on wind speed and strength. Make sure to grip the paddles steadily. Do not let the paddles slip from your hand. You would need to maneuver the paddles in a half-circle motion going forward each round. Wide rounds are more efficient when sailing a canoe.
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