How To Sail A Hobie Kayak

Learning how to sail a hobie kayak is not only fun, but will also allow you to explore your favorite lake and stream without owning a sailboat. With good instructions and plenty of practice, you will be able to have fun outdoor with your hobie kayak.

Things you need to sail a hobie kayak: 

  • Hobie kayak
  • Sail kit 
  • Paddle
  • Life jacket


  1. Add a sail. To sail a hobie kayak, you will need to add a sail by getting a sail kit. There will be instructions teaching you how you can attach the sail to the kayak. Follow them closely. 
  2. Launch the kayak. Pull the kayak into the water. Try your best to align the hobie kayak with the direction of the wind. Allow the kayak to float into deeper water before you make the sail taunt. 
  3. Balance the kayak. If you want to sail a hobie kayak, you first need to balance it. Sit on the tiller and face the wind using your back instead of your face. You may shift around to achieve the best position so you won’t trip into the water. 
  4. Steer the kayak. You can't sail a hobie kayak if you don't know how to control the directions. You may steer the kayak by turning the tiller . Fine tune the tiller if you want to sail a straight line. 

Tips: To sail a hobie kayak successfully, be sure to use the wind power instead of struggle with it. This can be done by either pulling or releasing the tension of the sail.  

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