How To Sail A Sailboat

You can learn how to sail a sailboat. There are tips to help you learn the techniques involved in sailing. Many people find sailing fun and relaxing, and if you know how to sail, it can be a very enjoyable sport. 

There are three basic positions in sailing, and they have to do with the wind position and are known as the points of sail.

  • Beating. This is when the wind is coming head on.
  • Reaching. This is when the wind is coming from the side.
  • Running. This is when the wind is coming from behind the sailboat.
  1. Sailing on the beat. When sailing on the beat, you are as close to the middle of the wind as you can be. In this position, the main sail should be pulled in. The boom should be just a tad, over the transom, which is the surface at the back of the hull. This is where the rudder is attached. If the boat is pointed too directly into the wind, the sail will flutter in the wind and you will lose sailing speed.
  2. Change your direction. To avoid sailing directly into the wind and losing speed, change your direction just slightly.
  3. The wind on reach. This is the best way to sail. This is when the wind is coming at the boat at a 90 degree angle.
  4. Change direction. You can change direction in two ways: a come about, which is completely turning around, passing through the eye of the wind. Some of the crew will need to change sides of the boat. A jibe is crossing over the wind. This can cause the sail to fly across from one side of the boat to the other. The captain usually calls out, "Jibe-ho" to warn the the crew.

Basic sailing knowledge can get you started, but there are plenty of sailing classes available in most states. Once you learn the basics, it will get you out there to start enjoying the sport.





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