How To Salvage Exotic Cars

Knowing how to salvage exotic cars is important as exotic cars are rare.  The process of salvaging an exotic car is long and expensive but there is no greater pride than restoring an exceptional car to operational use or original beauty for car enthusiasts.  Assuming the necessary automotive knowledge and experience, the following are steps for how to salvage exotic cars: 

  1. Subscribe to restoration enthusiast magazines that offer information on where to find exotic car parts or mechanical equipment.  “Popular Mechanics” gives step-by-step Do It Yourself tips useful for salvaging exotic cars.
  2. Find adequate space. This is to accommodate the exotic car tools and still leave enough room to work on the car.  Access to electricity is a must for lighting and the power tools.  Cover the floor with a large plastic tarpaulin to keep the space clean and to catch any really small parts that fall off the exotic car during disassembly.  Put up shelves, preferably with labelled bins, to store the parts of the exotic car.  Putting the car back together will be less nerve wracking as a result.  How to salvage exotic cars requires organization.
  3. Salvage the exotic car by taking it apart.  Use standard hand tools to remove all parts outside the car including wheels, doors, bumpers, hood and truck lids, the grill, side mirrors and other small parts.  Oil will loosen any tight parts.  Large inner apparatus – the engine, transmission, drives haft, axles, springs, radiators and sub-frames – go next with the help of a hoist where necessary.  Interior pieces like seats, console, carpet and trim are then detached.  Much care is required here as the interior parts particularly in exotic cars are very difficult to replace.  Finally, fenders and quarter panels needing replacement because of rust damage are cut out.
  4. Repair or replace rust damaged floorboards or trucks.  Reassemble by re-hanging original or restored outer parts like the doors; followed by the heavy inner components – engine, transmission etc. Sand, prime and paint the body of the exotic car if the right equipment is available or use a specialist body shop for the car painting job.  Rewire the headlights and taillights; and reattach both bumpers.  Replace broken and cracked windows.  Lastly, on how to salvage exotic cars, install the interior pieces, seats, carpet and trim.
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