How To Salvage A Glued On Golf Grip

Learning how to salvage a glued on golf grip can be both economical and easy to do with the right tools. It’s economical because you’re re-using your old golf grips, not spending excess money none of us have lying around on brand new clubs that haven’t even been broken in yet! It’s also easy to do if you have some basic household tools lying around. If you have a little time, patience, and enjoy repairing stuff then you may be ready to salvage your old glued on golf grips.

To salvage your old glued on golf grips, you will need:

  • Old golf club with grip
  • Vice
  • Leather gloves
  • A couple towels
  • A heat source
  • An adhesive
  1. Check the status of your old golf grip. If your golf club is already missing its grip, you’re ready to move on to the second step of salvaging your old golf grip. If not, place your golf club within your vice grip. Make sure to use adequate padding between your club and the grips on your vice to reduce friction or the possibility of scratching your old club. Next, take a heat source, I recommend a hair dryer, and place the heat over your old grip. Make sure that you don’t over heat your old grip and melt it off, also don’t under heat it and make the mistake of ripping off your grip. Once you’ve adequately heated up your old golf grip, carefully remove it while wearing a pair of leather gloves, it will be hot! Check the inside of your old grip and clean out any excess old glue with a towel.
  2. Make sure your old grip and golf club are ready. If you haven’t cleaned the old glue from the inside of your grip yet, make sure you’ve done this with your towel. Place your golf club within the vice with adequate padding between the vice grips and your actual club; your towel will suffice for this. Before placing your adhesive on the club, make sure your excess glue is removed from the club.
  3. Place your adhesive on the golf club and grip. Make sure you’re working in an environment that is warm enough to sufficiently dry your new adhesive. First, place a couple of drops of your adhesive within your old grip, I prefer using super glue. Next, place a couple of drops of adhesive on your golf club. Now, carefully slide the old golf grip into place over the golf club. Make sure you slide it in to place exactly where your old grip was placed, or you may mess up your swing!

If you have any excess glue, clean it off your grip and club at this time with a towel. Try and do this quickly, or your adhesive may dry hard and ruin your comfortable grip. At this point, you can use your heat source and evenly run it over your grip to make sure it dries completely. You should leave your grip in an upright position and let it dry for at least twenty hours before giving it a test spin to make sure it’s adequately dry. After this period, use the excuse of needing to try out your old club on the wife and get back out there and hit some balls!

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