How To Satisfy A Man

Because all males are different, knowing how to satisfy a man is beneficial for the average lady. Let's get real girls, ya'll are much better at relationships than men, so that should make you feel better. Seduction and how to satisfy a man have always been instinctual feminine properties. Aside from our narcissistic tendencies, men aren't really that complicated, making understanding how to satisfy a man that much easier.

Want to satisfy a man? Have the following.

  • A nice wardrobe
  • A calm demeanor
  • A gym membership (or access to weight and cardio equipment)
  • Friends
  • Money for a night out (movies, restaurants, or malls)


  1. Have confidence in who you are and what you do. Unfortunately, many women suffer from low self-esteem and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. In fact, women are more prone to anxiety disorders (such as GAD) than men, according to the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. Younger women had higher self esteem in an undergraduate survey conducted by Missouri Western University in comparison to older ladies, albeit behind men in general. So buck up, ladies. You have value, and figuring that out is the first step in knowing how to satisfy a man.
  2. Dress nice. Part of having good self-esteem is dressing the part. Wearing nice (not necessarily expensive) clothes and accessories will show the world just how confident you are. Men, like women, respond positively towards a confident partner.
  3. Keep in shape. Both genders tend to be fairly judgmental about physical conditioning. Fat men and fat women rarely are successful on the modern-day dating scene. If you are married to a lovely man, then it will still behoove you to be in shape for him (so long as he returns the favor). A gym membership and an every-other-day routine works wonders for the body.
  4. Understand men. Ladies, we are very unsophisticated creatures. Does this make us dumb? No, but men tend to have a way they do things (like women). We tend to ignore a lot of things in life (such as clothes, family, friends, and eating healthy) in favor of power, prestige, and influence. Money, cars, and social status mean a lot to us; knowing how to make a guy snap out of his "selfish hypnosis" is key to understanding how to satisfy a man. Guys want a girl who will make them forget about their obsessions, and make them feel good about life.
  5. Look for the guys. You can't satisfy a man without a guy to work on. Men like to look for ladies in the clubs, movie theaters, and other areas they consider "social." Don't approach, men make the first move (usually) when they feel an attraction. Married women, just forget this step.
  6. Be hard to get. This is where the friends come in. Ladies, you are pack animals, you stick together no matter what. Let the lone wolf come and prove himself to you, this will keep him satisfied and coming back for more.

Whether you want to satisfy a man so you can get back in the game, or simply for fun, this guide will do good. Read it up and down, and follow it to a "T" to satisfy a man with success. Your relationship is very important, and figuring out how to satisfy a man is crucial to its vitality.

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