How To Satisfy Women In Sex

Need to know ow to satisfy women in sex? You want be able to satisfy a woman with just having sex with her; it’s more in avoid than that, you will leave her craving more. If you think for one moment all it takes to satisfy women in sex is banging her head against the head board for thirty minutes thinking you have really satisfied her, when all you have really did was gave her a splitting headache; you are mistaken. Where is the foreplay, the passion, the excitement? In general for a man to be satisfied all he needs is for the woman to show and he’s content, but women are more complex than that. She will need to be aroused, teased and squeezed in order for you to satisfy her.

  1. Don’t stop until she’s done. Men can be selfish at times when it comes to pleasing women. He may feel just the act of having sex is satisfying and if he’s satisfied after the sex is over then the woman is to. Perhaps when he ejaculates that marks the end of great sex, not realizing that not enough touching and stimulation was received to satisfy her. So the next time you ejaculate and it’s written all over her face she needs more to send her to orgasmic heaven, try to continue stimulating her through oral or finger gratification. It also helps to stimulate her doing and before sex.

  2. Compliment her physical attributes. Women love compliments, even if she feels likes she’s very beautiful. Sometimes a woman can be her own worst critic especially when it comes to her body and showing it when having sex. Express how stunning you think she is when you see her in the buff. This will take her focus off how she thinks she looks to you and put her focus more on enjoying sex with you and the more she gets into it the more satisfy she will become.

  3. Acknowledge women verbal commands. Don’t be afraid to ask her how you performed. Women can be very vocal especially when it comes to having great sex. If she tells you what she likes or don’t like, don’t take it as a put down or an insult, but more as constructive criticism; which will put you on the road to satisfy women in sex more often.

  4. Learn to read nonverbal communication. The woman may not use her words to express her dissatisfaction, but her body language and the expression on her face may be a dead giveaway that she is not enjoying having sex with you and she is just waiting for it to be over. Now is not the time to panic, it’s not too late to turn this around; think fast. Start caressing her breast and it’s always a good time for a passionate kiss even gentle kisses on the neck and ear can help turn this around and make this more of a satisfying experience for the woman in question.

  5. Don’t be in a rush to have sex with a woman. Its true women usually last longer during sex. A man may want to argue it’s because he is doing all the work, but whatever the case may be when you are done the woman may not. You have forgotten one important thing; to arouse and excite her before having sex. While you are in the moment of having thrilling sex, and at your climax, she might still be in the warming up phase and you are almost done. You will then realize this woman is not satisfied even though you were.

Always make sure to think of the woman first because you are going to be satisfied in sex. Kissing, caressing, teasing, oral or finger stimulation and talking dirty or some things you can do to ensure she receive sexual satisfaction.

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