How To Satisfy Your Wife With A Small Penis

If you weren't blessed with a large penis, you can still learn how to satisfy your wife with a small penis.  It's okay if you aren't well-endowed. You can still be a fabulous lover, and you can learn how to satisfy your wife with a small penis. The main thing is not to dwell on the size of your penis, that's a turn-off in itself.  Instead, focus on what you can do with what you have, and follow these steps to learn how to satisfy your wife with a small penis.

  1. Excel in foreplay.  The size of a man's penis is largely overrated. Most women will tell you that foreplay is their favorite part of sex, and obviously there are things you can do during foreplay that won't involve your penis at all. Therefore, if you can excel in foreplay, she will be so worked up by the time you are ready to penetrate, she will be hyper-sensitive and can easily achieve orgasm. 
  2. Try using a cock ring.  You may find the use of a cock ring quite effective when learning how to satisfy your wife with a small penis. When used properly, a cock ring will cause the penis to become engorged with blood, therefore making it thicker. This is a very popular tool for men with a small penis size.
  3. Consider trying anal sex. If your partner is willing, consider trying anal sex. Since the rectum is considerably tighter than the vagina, she will feel more of a sensation when using this position. Most women report that anal sex is very enjoyable once they try it.
  4. Experiment with toys. One method of learning how to satisfy your wife with a small penis, is by using a vibrator during sex. As you penetrate her, apply direct pressure to her clitoris with the vibrator. There's no way she won't be satisfied after that experience!
  5. Master the art of oral sex. If you feel that you absolutely cannot satisfy her with your penis, master the art of oral sex instead. It is rare to find a man that is truly good at performing oral sex, so practice, practice, and more practice! Your wife will be more than willing to be your guinea pig.



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