How To Saute Squash In Olive Oil

A great skill to master is sauteing vegetables and the best way to start out is to learn how to saute squash in olive oil. This makes a delicious addition to many meals, from pasta to steak to fish on the grill. It is fresh and delicious, while still being healthy for you.

To learn how to saute squash in olive oil, you will need:

  • Three to Four medium sized pieces of squash, yellow or green, sliced in quarter inch rounds
  • Two tbsp. of olive oil
  • Your favourite seasonings along with salt and pepper
  1. Heat your pan. Pour your olive oil into a saute pan. Allow it to fully heat, as this is important when learning how to saute squash in olive oil.
  2. Add your seasoning. As the oil heats, add your seasoning to your pan. This will really flavor the oil which in turn will flavor your squash. You can use many different seasonings like an Italian blend, garlic powder or onion powder. If you are really feeling brave, use all three. Save your salt and pepper, because that is for the end.
  3. Cook the squash. Begin to brown your squash, tossing it occasionally with a wooden spoon. Cook it until it is done, about seven to ten minutes. Test it to make sure it isn't too firm.
  4. Season it again. Because you tasted it, you know what your squash needs. Salt and pepper it accordingly and if you feel that it needs it, add a bit more of your original seasonings. This is very important when learning how to saute squash in olive oil.
  5. Helpful hints for the chef. Every helpful makes a huge difference if you are just now interested in how to saute squash in olive oil. Experiment with different seasonings. A great addition to squash in olive oil is fresh basil. Fresh herbs are so flavorful. You can also toss your squash with a crumbled cheese like feta or gorgonzola for a taste bud explosion. Also, always remember that if you run out of squash, you can substitute with zucchini for a similar side dish.
  6. Don't overcook. A common mistake made by people that are just learning how to saute squash in olive oil is that they let it cook for too long.  This will leave you with soggy squash that is saturated with the oil, so keep an eye on it.
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