How To Save BlackBerry SMS Messages

As the owner of a BlackBerry you should know how to save Blackberry SMS messages. After all, you may need to reference the SMS message later to gather important information, or you may want to save it for sentimental reasons.  Maybe you have received information pertaining to a new job or a small love note from your significant other. Or you have received a video or picture attached to an SMS and wish to save it to your Blackberry handheld for later use. For what ever reason you wish to save this SMS message to your Blackberry, the task can be accomplished in just a few easy steps.

  1. Open your SMS message screen on your Blackberry. Depending on model of Blackberry you own, your SMS messages will be located in different locations. For instance if you have a Blackberry Pearl you will need to access your SMS messages by pressing the menu button and then select SMS messages within the Messages Menu. If you have a Blackberry Storm, you will access your SMS via the touch screen pressing SMS messages.
  2. Scroll through your SMS messages for the SMS message you wish to save. If you are a frequent user of SMS messages this may take a little time. After all this is the technology age and everyone sends SMS messages nowadays. Once you have located your message select it and open it onto your screen.
  3.  Choose the options menu on the SMS message screen. Select Save to handheld. Then select "OK." Your SMS message is now saved to your Blackberry.
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