How To Save My Buddies In Far Cry 2

If you're in a fire fight and realize that your comrade has gone down, you might be asking yourself how to save my buddies in "Far Cry 2?" "Far Cry 2" is an interesting game because it takes the cooperative mission dynamic to a whole new level by giving you the opportunity of being able to save your buddies. If you're committed to being a hired gun with a heart of gold, here are a few ways you can save your buddies in "Far Cry 2."

  1. Clear out the area of enemies. If you're in the position where you need to save your buddies in "Far Cry 2," you're probably in a fire fight. Take some time and eliminate any and all enemies in the area. This should make saving your buddies a lot easier.
  2. Find your buddies using the on-screen prompts. You should sprint over to their body as to not waste time. If you didn't take too much time fighting against your adversaries, your buddies in "Far Cry 2" should still be alive.
  3. Decide whether you're going to be an Angel of Mercy or a Healer. When you find your buddies, the game will present you with two quandaries. Assuming that you have medicine to spare, you can use an ampoule to be able to save your buddies in "Far Cry 2" and get them back into fighting shape. If you're feeling a little malevolent, or you simply lack the supplies to heal them, you can put them out of their misery with a simple bullet to the head.

Learning how to save your buddies in "Far Cry 2" is one of the central points of the game. Considering that you're playing as a mercenary in a war-torn Africa, you really need to know how to save your buddies when the situation arises. If you have the ability to, you should really invest some time in being able to save your buddies in "Far Cry 2."

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