How To Save Rock Band Track Packs On The Wii

You've decided to buy Rock Band for Nintendo Wii, but now you need to know how to save your Rock Band track packs on the Wii. After all, Rock Band track packs give you a way to expand your selection of songs and make the most out of your Rock Band game. Don't worry, with these instructions you will be able to save all of your Rock Band track packs with grace and aplomb.

Things you'll need:

  • Rock Band
  • Nintendo Wii console
  1. Put your Rock Band disc into the Wii. Start the game and open the store.
  2. Choose your Rock Band track packs from the store. Be sure you have a Wii points balance to buy. Then download the Rock Band track packs onto your Wii. This could take a few seconds. If your track pack is on a disc, you will need to take out the Rock Band main disc and install your Rock Band track pack disk on the Nintendo Wii.
  3. Once you have the files, be sure to save them. The game should ask you if you want to save the tracks when you download. For the disc version, be sure to create a game save for the disk on the Nintendo Wii.
  4. Put in the main game disk again or restart the system. You should see your tracks in the game options.

Now you should be able to enjoy your bonus tracks for Rock Band on the Nintendo Wii. You can now jam to the additional tunes you've added.

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