How To Save Wii Games On SD Card

Knowing how to save Wii games on SD card is one of the console's biggest luxuries. Not only does it allow you to maintain more space on the Wii's internal memory, but it also gives you the option to launch your games straight from this portable, highly reliable storage unit. There are currently two ways in which you can save Wii games to an SD card. Please note that only Virtual Console games can be stored on SD card, as opposed to retail DVD-based games.

How to save Wii games on SD card from the main menu:

  1. Click the "Wii" icon located at the bottom-left corner of your console. This is the most popular way to save Wii games on SD card, as its user-friendliness and easy navigation are hard to miss.
  2. Within this screen, click the "Data Management" icon to your left. This will allow you to manage Wii games and save data on your system.
  3. Next, click "Channels" to the right of your screen.  This section presents you with any available Wii games on SD card or Wii games that are currently stored on your Wii's internal memory.
  4. From this screen, click any Wii games in question and choose your desired option. Once your Wii games are selected, the system will ask for confirmation whether to move, copy, or delete the game.

How to save Wii games on SD card by purchase:

  1. Launch the Wii Shopping Channel from the Wii main menu. To save Wii games on SD card in this manner, an active Internet connection is required to buy and download your Virtual Console games.
  2. When purchasing your Wii game(s) of choice, select the method in which to save it. At this point, the system will ask if you prefer to save your Wii games to the main internal memory or if you wish to store the Wii games on SD card.

Tip: To save Wii games on SD card, it is best to keep large titles within the Wii's internal memory, as saving them to and from your SD card may take a few minutes, depending on game size.

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