How To Save Your Marriage After Separation

Figuring out how to save your marriage after separation can be a challenge. If you want to save your marriage, then you should be willing to make changes and also to accept some things as they are and know the difference. A marriage that has been through a separation can end up stronger and more committed.

  1. Realize that certain habits or personality traits in your spouse are not likely to change. Being able to accept certain things about your spouse and trying not to change them allows you to set that issue aside and gain some peace of mind. This could be the first step to save your marriage.
  2. Make an effort to change the things that are most troubling to your spouse. If your wife can’t stand it when you leave your socks on the floor, make an effort to pick them up, or take the trash out. It is amazing how even a small gesture can make your marriage more pleasant.
  3. Take time to appreciate the good things in your marriage. Even if you have to write those things down on your computer or in a journal, take time to be grateful. Remember the positive things that you missed about your spouse during the separation. Thank your spouse for those things.
  4. Get some help. If you did some soul searching during the separation, you may have a better idea what went wrong. If you need a support group or a therapist to make your marriage better, then reach out for that help so you don’t end up going down the same road that led to the split in your marriage.
  5. Learn to negotiate. In order to save your marriage, you don’t have to put aside those things that are truly important to you. If you feel strongly about finishing your education, spending time with family or having your own money to spend, then negotiate for those things. If your spouse knows that she can also get the things she needs by negotiation, then it can be a winning situation for your both.
  6. Take responsibility. Every marriage has two sides. In order to heal the rift in your marriage, be willing to set aside your ego and own up to your weakness, your mistakes and your attitude problems. Being vulnerable and honest can do a great deal to make your marriage more intimate and fulfilling.
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