How To Save YouTube Video To Computer

Learning how to save YouTube videos to a computer is super easy. There are some very smart nerds out there looking out for your interests. Follow the steps below. 

To save YouTube video to computer, you will need:

  • Latest version of Java
  • Computer
  • Internet access
  1. Go to the YouTube video you want to save. This is the page where the YouTube video streams. You don't have to wait for it to completely load to be ready for the next step. 
  2. Add the word "save" immediately after the "http://www." in the URL address bar and hit "enter". This will bring you to the "" domain, instead of the YouTube site, with your selected video as the video to be saved to the computer. For example, if your video is at, then change the URL to Your video will load up in flash format on the new page. You may be prompted to download the latest version of Java before you can save the video. You may also have to run Java after you download it. 
  3. Select "run" in the warning box and hit enter. Your browser or virus software may warn you about download sites. is known to be trustworthy as of the time of this writing. 
  4. Choose your desired file format and screen resolution of the YouTube video file you want to save to your computer. You have your choice of FLV files of various resolutions and an MP4 file at a 480X360 resolution. You have successfully saved a YouTube video to your computer. 
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