How To Say Goodbye To Someone You Love

There's nothing sadder or more traumatic than having to figure out how to say goodbye to someone you love. The best course of action is to be forthright and loving, and to make your best efforts to facilitate keeping in touch with that person. These tips on how to say goodbye will make the process easier.

  1. Say goodbye in person. This is your chance to say goodbye to someone you love. Your love means that you owe that person an in-person salutation. Call him or her and arrange to meet in person, and give yourself at least fifteen to twenty minutes to talk.
  2. Plan what you will say. Think long and hard about what this person means to you. You don't have to write notes or memorize a speech, but you want to put your sincerest effort in when it's time to say goodbye to someone you love. Make sure you don't miss any last words, especially words of gratitude.
  3. Be honest. This one's important. Be honest about how you feel when you say goodbye to someone you love. Tell him or her what s/he means to you, and make sure you establish a connection that will withstand distance and time. Don't worry about becoming emotional.
  4. Listen. The most important step. Create a dialogue and allow the person to respond to what you are saying. If the person to whom you say goodbye is a woman, she will probably want to express herself verbally, so let her talk. Make sure this person knows that you are receptive to his or her feelings as well.
  5. Make plans to keep in touch. Exchange current contact information, and make a sincere promise to keep in touch. It may help, if you have not done so already, to join a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter.
  6. Be affectionate. Give the person a hug. If it's time to say goodbye to someone you love, you won't be seeing him or her for awhile and it's worth it.



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