How To Say Merry Christmas In England

"Happy Christmas!" is how to say Merry Christmas in England. The "Happy Christmas!" expression is used throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and sometimes Canada as well. Celebrating Christmas is a big tradition in England.

Traditions as a Way of Saying Merry Christmas

The very first Christmas cards were sent in England in the 1840s, and the tradition of sending Christmas cards as a prelude to the holiday has been going strong ever since. Christmas is celebrated in England in many of the same ways that it is celebrated in the United States.

In England, it's customary to decorate one's home with red, green and other Christmas colors. Most people put up an authentic or artificial Christmas tree. Decorating it with the basic ornaments collected by a family over the years or with a specific theme is the norm. Christmas trees are usually placed in the window, then lit. Passersby can then share in the joy of the tree and your holiday decor.

Presents are exchanged on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day by families and friends. A big meal is served, and people often attend church on Christmas Day as part of the celebration. By sharing in all of these activities together, people say Merry Christmas in England to one another throughout the season.

Christmas Extension

Throughout Britain, the day after Christmas has long been named a holiday. It's Boxing Day. Boxing Day was traditionally a day of giving boxes of gifts or money to those in need and those in service positions, such as deliverymen, postmen and house workers. The tradition continues as a day of giving back. Many people spend the day doing volunteer positions or in discussing the need to give back with their families. After such a day of excess as Christmas, Boxing Day is a reminder of what matters. It's an important part of the Christmas celebration, as it leads into the new year festivities.

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