How To Say Sorry To Your Girlfriend

If you have ever messed up in your relationship, whether it was big or small, you need to know how to say sorry to your girlfriend. It is natural to mess up in a relationship, but you still have to show some level of remorse for your actions, and sometimes just saying sorry isn’t enough. She may expect something bigger than just words. If you find yourself in that position, then use these tips on how to say sorry to your girlfriend.

  1. Start off by telling her sorry verbally. You have to start off by at least saying you are sorry. That’s the best first step to knowing how to say sorry to your girlfriend. Hearing it won’t solve every problem, but it puts you on the right path.
  2. Don’t place any blame on her. When you say sorry to your girlfriend, don’t tell her it was partially her fault, or make her feel like she is to blame. This is your time to apologize and get forgiveness. Trying to share the blame will most likely only result in another problem.
  3. Apologize the right way. Saying “I’m sorry if you feel that I hurt you” or anything like that is not saying sorry to your girlfriend, its saying “I’m sorry if you decided to take offense to what I just said”. She will see right through that and your apology won’t really hold any weight. Apologize to her with a real apology that lets her know you are truly remorseful.
  4. Make your apology genuine. You can tell when someone is just saying sorry because they think they have to, don’t do that you’re your girlfriend. When you say sorry to your girlfriend be genuine because she won’t appreciate a forced apology. If you messed up, you should want to say sorry to your girlfriend anyway.
  5. Make sure she knows you know what you are apologizing for. If you notice she’s upset and don’t know why, but you know you did something, it’s best to ask what you did rather than saying sorry to your girlfriend and you have no idea why. Explain to her that you are sorry, state what you did, and reassure her that it will never happen again.
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