How To Score A Cricket Match

If you are a fan of cricket or have friends who are, it could be helpful to learn how to score a cricket match. Learning how to score a cricket match is easy and does not require but a basic knowledge of cricket. Learning how to score a cricket match essentially requires you to carefully watch the match, be organized and record the necessary information. This guide will teach you the basics of learning how to score a cricket match including the abbreviations used in scoring a cricket match.

  1. Record essential information. Record the essential information before the cricket match begins. Record the names of the teams. Record the names of the bowlers and finally the names of the batsmen in the score book.
  2. Use necessary abbreviations. Use the necessary abbreviations when recording the score of a cricket match. Remember that "b" is used for bowled and "c" is used for caught.
  3. Learn the umpire signals. Scoring a cricket match can be difficult and you may not always see how a team scores a run. Learn the umpire signals and you will always know exactly what happens. There's a useful guide from BBC Sports Academy to learn the umpire signals in a cricket match.
  4. Learn how to score a run. Learn the basics of how a run can be scored in a cricket match. Scoring is accomplished only when the batsmen runs from one end of the field to the other. Scoring can also be accomplished by hitting the ball over the rope that marks the boundary of the playing field.
  5. Learn about special scoring. Remember that in addition to standard methods of scoring there are several additional ways to score in a cricket match. Record each point scored by these forms in the extras column. When a bowler bowls "no ball", too wide and finally when the batsmen runs when the ball came off his body and not the bat.
  6. Take score. Take a complete record of each bowl that has been bowled and each point that is scored. Record the number of runs each batsmen scores next to his name. At the end when a batsmen scores out or the game is over, total up his runs.


  • Develop a basic understand of the cricket rules before scoring a cricket match.
  • Pay attention to the umpire for useful information during a cricket match.
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