How To Score Mah Jong

Need to know how to score mahjong? Knowing how to keep score in mahjong is important because it is the only way to know who wins. However, it can also be a bit tricky if you don't know the rules.

To score mahjong, you will need:

  • Some pencils or pens to write with
  • A mahjong scoring pad
  • A calculator
  1. Give each player 2,000 points to start the mahjong game. From there you will score mahjong by giving points based upon sets that are completed.
  2. Count the mahjong sets that you have completed. You will want to count both those pungs that are showing and any sets that you have concealed within your hand.
  3. You earn one point for drawing a season or flower. If this happened to match your direction and you win the game, then you will score doubles. The designations are: summer/orchid for south, winter/bamboo for north, spring/plum for east and fall/chrysanthemum for west.
  4. You earn two points for certain events. These include a melded triplet, any color pair, a pair from the wind, and any pung that is not a 1, 9, red, white, green or the wind.
  5. You earn four points for other events. These include concealed triplets or pungs (a set of 3) of: 1, 9, red, white, green or the wind.
  6. You earn eight points for a few events. These are any kongs that are not concealed, 1, 9, red, white, green or the wind.
  7. You earn sixteen points for certain events. The following kongs (sets of 4) are included: concealed, 1, 9, red, white, green or the wind.
  8. You earn twenty points if you win mahjong. Anyone who wins a hand will receive the number of points that is equal to the score. Every other player must pay this amount from their own point pool.
  9. The mahjong dealer pays and gets paid in a special way. You will pay double if you were the dealer and lost. However, if you win, then you get paid double.

It is a lot easier to score mahjong if you make sure to hang on to the mahjong scoring sheets that come with the mahjong game when you first buy it.

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