How To Score With Women

If you are looking to learn how to score with women, you will sometimes have to stop thinking about scoring for just a minute. Well, you actually might never stop thinking about trying to score, but you don't want your date to know that's what you are thinking about the entire time. If you can disguise your desires, you can hide them just long enough to convince her that you are a respectable gentleman. Once you get her in bed, you can show her that wild side that's been waiting to come out all night.

  1. Don't be too aggressive when you want to score with a woman. You've got the entire date to impress your date and lay the groundwork for trying to get her into bed. Don't rush it. Take your time and enjoy the date and the conversation with her. The more attention you give her and the more you make her feel that she is the only one that matters increases your chance to score with your woman.
  2. Do something that takes away from the sexual tension. If sexual tension exists on the date, but you can tell she's not necessarily sold on the idea of having sex that night, help take her mind off it a little. Do an activity that the two of you can have fun together that isn't all about sex. Play a game you both enjoy, such as bowling or miniature golf. This will help her relax.
  3. Don't be too touchy-feely when on your date if you want to score with your woman (unless she wants it). Read her body signals. If she is pulling away from you when you touch, don't force yourself upon her. Instead, back off a little bit; she may be feeling insecure around you. A hug or a kiss a few times during the date might be plenty for her to keep sex in the back of her mind, while kissing her all of the time might just make her think you are a horny guy with no interest in her other than for sex.
  4. Don't act like you expect sex at the end of a date. You might even want to take the risk of ending the date without making a move trying to get her into bed. Start to end the date leaving her wanting. If she really wants to sleep with you, she might give you a sign, such as kissing you much more passionately than what a goodnight kiss might usually be. That would open the door for you to extend the date, starting to kiss her neck or let your hands wander and see if she accepts your hints to finish the night with some fun.
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