How To Seal A Garage Floor

Learn how to seal a garage floor and keep the surface of your garage floor cleaner and protected. Garages are meant to hold cars and cars can be messy, dirty machines. Cars can leak oil and other fluids. They drip water and snow onto the garage floor, creating a messy surface when the water and snow dries. By sealing the garage floor, you can protect the concrete and make clean-up easier. The best time to seal a garage floor is when the temperature is at least 50 degrees outside on a regular basis.

To seal a garage floor, you will need:

  • Broom
  • Hose
  • Rubber gloves, boots, eyewear
  • Paint roller with handle, paint tray
  • Garage floor sealer kit
  1. Start with a clean garage floor. Begin by moving everything off the garage floor and sweeping it. Use a broom or a shop vacuum. Mop the floor or hose it down to remove all debris.
  2. Use the etching medium in the garage floor sealer kit. Be sure to wear rubber boots and gloves and eyewear when using the etching medium or etchant, which is an acid. The etchant in the kit is an acid that removes any oil or debris from the top coat of the concrete. Apply the etchant according to the directions and hose it off. Be sure the garage is well ventilated when using the etching medium.
  3. Let the garage floor dry. Let the garage floor dry for a full 24 hours before going to the next step.
  4. Apply the garage floor sealer. Read the instructions completely to see how your specific sealer works. Close the garage door to keep dirt from getting on the wet floor. Begin away from the door you'll leave the garage from. In other words, don't paint yourself in a corner, so start away from the door into the house. Apply the sealer using a paint roller with a handle to save strain on your back. Apply the sealer evenly and thickly to ensure a good seal.
  5. Let the sealer dry completely. Because garage sealers are often epoxy, the material takes days to dry. Leave the floor untouched for three or four days before touching it. Ensure it is dry to the touch before walking on it or putting items, including your car, on the garage floor.
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