How to Seal Leaks on Camping Trailers

Need to know how to seal leaks on camping trailers? When you own a camper, it is very useful to learn how to seal leaks that may appear in your camping trailer. There is nothing worse on a camping trip than trying to take cover in a leaky camper. A water leak will cause damage to the structure of a camping trailer, so any leak will need to be sealed as soon as you can. The area will need to be dried out and cleaned before you can repair the damage to the camping trailer.

  1. Find your leak. One thing about water is it will travel. First you will need to locate the leak where the water is coming from. Try to locate the water on the interior of the camper. This will give you an Idea of where to look on the outside of the trailer.
  2. Air it out. In the general area of where the water was located inside, remove the outside panels. This should be rather easy; the outside shell of most camping trailers is secured by metal screws. Provide ventilation to dry out the moisture in the area of the leak. Try to do this in an area away from the elements. Even if you were to cover the hole in the roof of your camping trailer, there is a chance for moisture to still seep in.
  3. Clean it up. It is important that you kill any mildew or fungus that could cause dry rot and damage to the interior of the wall structure. Once the area is dried out, use mineral spirits to clean the wood and instillation in the wall and roof area. Allow at least fifteen minutes for the mineral spirits to dry.
  4. Seal it up. Once it is dry, you're ready to close it up. Using a sealer tape between the metals, screw the metal back in place. The tape will make a permanent seal and bind the metals together. Make sure the screws are tight, and you're ready to go once more.

If there is a large hole in the roofing of the camper trailer, then you may need to replace the metal, or at least cover it with a panel large enough to cover the hole. If you are going to use a professional to fix the hole later, you will not want to use the sealant tape; this makes for a hard joint and is difficult to remove. Just throw a tarp over the affected area until you can seek the help of your professional. However you choose to fix your camping trailer, enjoy your camping and travels.

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