How To Search Yahoo! Profiles

Need to know how to search Yahoo! profiles? We will show you how. All you need is one simple hyperlink to type in the web browser, but before you start you will need a Yahoo! ID name. Make sure you spell the Yahoo! ID name properly or it won't pull up the right profile. Usually private profiles will not come up in the search. It seems that when we figure out how to hack a system, the programmers catch on and it gets harder to hack private profiles. You can try different ways of entering a hyperlink in the web browser by using numbers instead of a profile ID to get into private profiles, but this isn't guaranteed to work.

  1. Type in a variation of the following. You will want to put the following hyperlink in your search browser. You could also go to start then run and type in the following, with the name of your desired profile in place of "profile name": profiles/ name. Trying this will take you to a public profile. To search another profile, remove the Yahoo! ID name and type in another Yahoo! ID name. After inputting the hyperlink in the web browser or run text box, press the enter button and it will pull up the profile.
  2. You can also search public profiles by logging in to Yahoo! and going to the "Search Public Profiles" option. You can search by name, Yahoo! ID or interests. To get into private profiles you could probably try using the above hyperlink method and entering in the mixed letters and numbers. Once you get used to searching for profiles you will figure out other ways to search for Yahoo! profiles. Enjoy!
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