How To Secure My Subwoofer

After installing a new subwoofer, you are likely wondering about how to secure my subwoofer. There are several different ways to secure your subwoofer to your vehicle. One of the easiest ways to answer the question of how to secure my subwoofer is to determine what the best method is for you particular vehicle. Securing the subwoofer can be done by using a bracket on the trunk lid or the trunk floor with two-way velcro or by even strapping the subwoofer down so it stays into place. Common problems with not having your subwoofer secured into place can include the subwoofer sliding when you turn and the cables pulling loose. These symptoms may make you ask how to secure the subwoofer and prevent these problems from occurring.

Things you'll need:

  • Industrial velcro (optional)
  • Subwoofer mounting brackets (optional)
  • Drill and drill bits (optional)
  • Industrial straps (optional)
  1. Determine how to secure your subwoofer. Determine how to secure your subwoofer based on your personal preferences. Open your trunk and determine if it will be possible to mount a bracket to your trunk lid or floor to secure the subwoofer. Decide whether or not to use a bracket or industrial velcro. Inspect the trunk for areas in which you can fix industrial straps.
  2. Install the velcro. Install the industrial velcro if you have decided to use this option. Locate a good place where the subwoofer makes contact with a fixed part of your trunk. Install the double-sided velcro to both the subwoofer and the trunk. Press the subwoofer against the trunk, causing the velcro to interlock and secure the subwoofer in place.
  3. Install mounting brackets. Determine the best location for the mounting brackets if you decided to use this option. Mounting brackets can either be installed on the trunk lid or the floor of the trunk. Installing the brackets on the floor of the trunk is the recommended method for simplicity and functionality. Drill a pilot hole and affix the mountain hardware per the brackets instructions. Affix the mounting brackets to the subwoofer to prevent it from moving.
  4. Install industrial straps. Install industrial straps if you have decided this is the best option. Using a simple bungee cord in place of an industrial strap is also an option. Locate a place to pass the straps through on the walls of the trunk. Pass the strap through the fixed point and around the subwoofer. Continue to pass the strap to another fixed mounting point. Repeat this process several times until the subwoofer is secured into place by multiple straps.



When asking the question of how to secure my subwoofer, decide if you would prefer to hard mount the subwoofer or use a temporary solution such as velcro or straps.

Purchase industrial velcro and straps at any major automotive store.

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