How to Seduce an Asian Woman

Having an Asian fetish will lead you to the wonderment of how to seduce an Asian woman. The things that you need to remember are their sense of culture, their eclectic taste, and their upbringing. Having advanced knowledge to each of these different aspects will aid you in the successful seduction of an Asian woman. Here are so tips to follow during the process.

  1. Don’t read into things very much. Asian women are extremely polite. When you are trying to seduce this kind of woman, you need to remember that they are just being polite in most cases. If you decide to send a drink their way, they will accept it, but it might not be because they are attracted to you.
  2. Don’t rush anything. Asian women are very susceptible to guys rushing them into things. You want to take things slowly. Seducing an Asian woman takes finesse and care. If you come on too strong, you might find yourself alone in a matter of minutes.
  3. Comment on her beauty. Many Asian women have been conditioned by society not to look at their appearance for advantages. When a man tells her how beautiful she is, it will be welcomed. This is a great way to seduce an Asian woman.
  4. Be interested in her culture. Asian women get hit on, but they don’t normally find a man that is sincerely interested in their culture. Ask them about their food, music, and customs to get the ball rolling. This is a very handy tool to the seduction of an Asian woman.
  5. Find an excuse to bed them. Asian women will not admit that they want sex. You need to find a way to get them over this hump.
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