How to Seduce a Beautiful Woman

One of the greatest past times for any man is discovering how to seduce a beautiful woman. The art of seduction has become quite popular over the last couple of years. Herein lies the problem: how do you pick up a women when the tried and true methods have saturated the opposite sex marketplace? The answer to the questions is pretty easy.

  1. Relate to them. When you can relate to a woman on her level, she will be very easy to seduce. I don’t mean that you will need to have gone through the same life events as them, but you need to come off as down to earth. Don’t be cocky, aggressive, or us cheesy pickup lines. Being a normal guy is a commodity that many women can’t seem to find these days. Relating to a beautiful woman on her level is essential to seducing them.
  2. Be funny.  Humor is a great way to seduce a woman. If you make fun of a woman with something that isn’t too harsh, they will find it funny and you’ll seem like a lot of fun. Finding humor in different situations is something that all women find attractive in men. If you’re funny, you definitely find it much easier when seducing a beautiful woman.
  3. Have your finances under control.  If you’re broke and you live at home with your mother, you might find it a little harder to seduce a woman. In this case, it’s best to lie. Being financially stable is something that all women want in their lives. They want to feel secure with a guy that isn’t going to get his credit card rejected every time they go out to dinner. You don’t have to be rich to seduce a beautiful woman, but having disposable income shows that you plan ahead and are thoughtful.
  4. Be mysterious.  The last thing to remember when seducing a beautiful woman is to give your encounter a little mystery. You do no want to give too much about yourself away at first. If she asks you a question directly, then you need to answer it, but don’t talk about yourself too much. Women love to hear their own voice. Ask her question upon question and then answer a couple of her questions. When you’re done, ask her fifty more questions. She should be talking seventy percent of the time. When you keep her talking, you’re well on your way to seducing her.

Seducing a beautiful woman isn’t a science. Not every woman is going to fall for you so just pick yourself back up after rejection and try again. Follow these four characteristics and you should be well on your way to landing a beautiful woman.




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