How To Seduce Big Beautiful Black Women

Society tells us thinner is better, but it is not always the case if you want to know how to seduce big beautiful black women. In so many places, there are beautiful big women who carry themselves with confidence and sexiness that attract men. If you have a hard time getting one, read on to successfully find a big black woman.

  1. Appreciate what she's got. Big beautiful black women, just like any other women, love compliments so comment on her prettiness. The further you get to know her, let the black woman know she has beautiful curves and backside, which very prominent among females in the black community. Checking out her butt is the biggest compliment a big black woman receives because it is one of the greatest assets black women have.
  2. Be funny. A guy with no sense of humor is one who does not attract females. Laughter makes a big woman happy and keeps her interest in you. Tell a funny joke or a story and she will love you forever.
  3. Be intelligent. Big black women love intelligent people who are able to hold a conversation rather than saying, "uh or uh huh." A man who can discuss worldviews or is open to debate on different topics mentally stimulates a big woman than a man who only talks about sex or simply dumb as rocks.
  4. Be genuine. Most beautiful black women can be unaware how attractive she is because of her size. If you love a big woman, make sure she knows you mean it by your actions other than through words. Being turned on not only because of her looks but her qualities makes you worth keeping.
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