How to Seduce a Capricorn Woman

She is cool; she is mysterious—so how do you seduce a Capricorn woman? It can often take quite a while for a Capricorn woman to come to terms with her feelings and to accept that it is okay to express herself. Seducing a Capricorn woman can be a challenge and is not for those of you who give up easily. Here is how to seduce a Capricorn woman.

  1. Show lots of affection and tenderness. The Capricorn woman hides her feelings very well. Part of her is detached and physically demanding, and doesn’t surrender easily to love. The other part becomes more sentimental and caring once she has dropped her defenses. To seduce a Capricorn woman, don’t give up easily.
  2. Don’t give up on her. When a Capricorn woman becomes detached, men tend to give up, thinking that she is impossible to please. That’s not true-the Capricorn woman is actually very affectionate but tends to become reserved in order to protect herself from getting hurt.
  3. Keep it interesting. Sometimes the Capricorn woman only wants loyalty and responsibility but, at other times, she is ready for all kinds of adventure. During those times, in order to seduce your Capricorn woman, have entertainment ideas ready that will delight and inspire her.
  4. Don’t criticize her. The Capricorn’s number one priority is her career; if you criticize this aspect of her life, she will think of you as someone who will never succeed in life. Support her career, but allow her to have fun, as well.
  5. Don’t try to shirk your responsibilities. The Capricorn woman is attached to her habits and will have a hard time breaking up with you but, if you are fickle, you will lose her. To seduce a Capricorn woman, show her that you are serious about your intentions.
  6. Play hard to get. To seduce her, don’t keep telling her how much you like her and don’t compliment her all the time. Don’t make it too easy for her because, if you open yourself up too soon, you have no power to seduce a Capricorn woman anymore. You need to be in control.
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