How to Seduce Difficult Women

A difficult woman is a different breed of woman. From the very beginning she will attempt to throw you off balance. She will antagonize you and try to knock you down. And that is if she is interested in you. Difficult women do not flirt like other women. If a difficult woman pays you the slightest bit of attention then you have a chance. Here is how to completely win her over.

  1. No phonies, fakes or frauds. A difficult woman has no time for liars. She does not want someone pretending to be someone that they are not. Even embellishing the details of your life is a no-no. These women can spot a counterfeit from a mile away. To have a chance with a difficult woman she must be able to trust you. Most difficult women do not believe men are trustworthy and are naturally suspicious. By being candid you will instantly peak her interest.
  2. Have your life together. If you live at home with your parents or work as a caddy for a living then chances are she will not be interested. With the current economic climate she may be a bit more forgiving. Just make sure you can spin your situation so she knows how successful you really are.
  3. Know what you want. These women want a man who knows exactly what he wants. Know what you are looking for in life, in relationships and in bed. Be specific about your desires. Difficult women know exactly what they want and appreciate it when a man does too.
  4. Check your baggage at the door. A difficult woman's main goal is to live a drama-free life. Your exes, children, work and family issues should not be discussed with her. If you cannot handle your own life, she will wonder if you will be able to handle her.
  5. Be ready for a fight. It is important to be extremely self-assured when dealing with a difficult woman because she loves to be critical. From the moment she meets you she will be dissecting everything for your appearance to your career. She wants to know that you can take criticism and not back down. Most importantly, she wants someone who will knock her off her feet. Difficult women often have the assertion that men are no good, prove her wrong and there is nothing she will not do.
  6. Give her space and time. Once you have impressed her then it is time to take a few steps back. Do not play with her like a yo-yo, just give her her space. Difficult women do not like to feel pressured or crowded. She will come to you. Do not worry, once a difficult woman wants you, she will not keep you waiting.
  7. Do not talk down to her or think you know what is best for her. She knows what is is best for her. Period. Any opinions you have are irrelevant to her and will only place you on her bad side.

To seduce a difficult woman there is much more work involved. She is a challenge, but she is worth it. It is about impressing her, gaining her trust and engaging her. Once you have done this you have her.

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