How to Seduce a Divorced Woman

You may wonder how to seduce a divorced woman. Depending on the woman, seducing a divorcee may not be as hard as you think. Divorced women can be anxious to begin dating again, ready to seduce a few men themselves and feeling insecure about their recent breakup.

  1. Take your time. Seducing a divorced woman can take time, especially if she's mourning her ex-husband. This typically occurs when the woman was dumped or did not want the divorce. The key here is to go slow, have a sense of humor and be patient.
  2. Be honest. If you're into seducing a divorced woman purely for physical gratification, say so. In many cases, she wants a casual relationship, too. In the event the woman is looking for permanent ties, she will appreciate your honesty.
  3. Play on her weaknesses. This is not an up-front way to seduce a divorced woman. Find out what bothers her the most and build her up. Make her feel better and she will fall quickly into your arms, especially if she's new to dating or has been out of the scene for a while.
  4. Befriend her. When you're looking to seduce a divorced woman, she probably has a lot on her mind. Given the opportunity, she'll want to talk about it. Whether it's the nasty divorce, child support, alimony or visitation with the kids, give her room to vent.
  5. Play with the children. Many divorced women have children, and one of the quickest ways to seduce a divorced woman is through the kids. Earn her trust by spending time with the children and winning them over.
  6. Fill her ex's shoes. One of the best ways to seduce a divorced woman is to be everything her ex-husband was not. After listening to her continuous rants about his shortcomings, you'll figure out all the ways to outshine him.
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