How to Seduce a Doctor

Learning how to seduce a doctor can seem like a daunting task, but if worked right, it can be easy and effective. Doctors have the stigma of being a higher authority than most women. What you need to do is get over this status symbol and start working your way onto level playing ground.

  1. Know that she’s not better than you.  Doctors are healers. We know it and they know it, but this doesn’t mean that they are better people than the rest of us. They walk, talk, and eat just like you and me. Knowing that she’s not better than you because of her occupation is essential to seducing her.
  2. Generalize her profession. When you generalize her profession, you show that you’re not head over heels in love with the fact that she is a doctor. Ask her a question like “So, you take temperatures and stuff like that?” and you should make her laugh if you want to seduce her.
  3. Be on the lookout for boredom. Many doctors are extremely wrapped in their careers and their work. This is why a lot of doctors are single. They spend insane amounts of time at work and don’t have much time for themselves. This is a bad thing, because they run the risk of being boring. Some doctors can’t wait to let loose and have a drink while others are constantly thinking about what they should have done while they were at the hospital. Determine what your doctor is like before you try to seduce them.
  4. Meet her halfway. When you’re discussing her profession, it’s a given that you both know she makes a good amount of money. Many doctors will capitalize on this and try to use it to their advantage. Let her know that you can hold your own when it comes to the bills and you don’t just want her for the cash she makes.

Seducing a doctor is extremely similar to seducing any other woman. When you look at the differences, you can even see it as an advantage. Doctors work hectic schedules and have a lot of responsibility. Because of this, many doctors aren’t ready for a full on relationship. You can utilize this fact to enter into a fling or a one night stand very easily if you follow the steps given.

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