How To Seduce A Female Coworker

The time has come to learn how to seduce your female coworker. You met her at work and you have a certain repoire…or so you think. You really want to get to know this woman. There is only one sure fire strategy to seduce your female coworker and it isn't easy.

  1. If you want to seduce your female coworker it is imperative to find a way to connect with her. Meet her at the water cooler or in the cafeteria. Buy her lunch or a cup of coffee. Make small talk but make sure that you are truly paying attention to what she says and make relevant comments. The most important step in a successful seduction is really connect with her.
  2. Take it to another level by making contact outside work. Let her know it is OK to call you at home and see if she is receptive to the occasional call from you. Call for a real reason at first, perhaps ask about a project or work subject but then sneak in a comment about her. Perhaps tell her you liked her outfit or thought her comment to the boss was hilarious. Chat her up a little and end the conversation in a noncommittal way. No pressure.
  3. Once you have developed a comfortable relationship outside work you need to ask her on a date. It should be an evening dinner date. You want a dimly lit, romantic environment. Wear your most flattering outfit. You want to look better than your work clothes will allow you to. Stop at nothing to impress her. Take her somewhere you know she will like by doing a little undercover work. Ask around the office or workplace to find out her favorite places to eat. Pay attention when she talks to you and other coworkers about where she spends her free time and where her favorite haunts are. You don't have to take her to the same spots but you will get a good idea of the type of place she likes to go.
  4. Outside of work on a one to one basis you can get more personal. Hold the door open for her and pull out her chair. Touch her hand across the table or brush a strand of hair from her face. Physical touching is a huge part of the seduction process. The more you can connect with her on a mental level the further you will get on a physical level. The two of you will begin to crave one anothers attention and touch. Seduction is a slow, lifelong process that grows as your relationship grows. Starting with the basics and progressing toward more personal touches is the most successful way to seduce your female coworker.
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