How to Seduce a French Girl

If you are here to learn how to seduce a French girl, you probably know from personal experience that it is not easy. What’s the trick? There really isn’t one; you just need to know a little bit about French girls before you try to seduce a second one. Here are some tips for trying to seduce a French girl.

  1. Show her your humorous side. French girls love a man with a sense of humor so, if you don’t have much of a funny bone, you won’t have much luck with her.
  2. Be romantic. But just be a little bit romantic. You need to have lots of humor and just a little romance in order to seduce a French girl.
  3. Make yourself stand out from the crowd. If you want to seduce a French girl, you can’t blend in with all the other guys. You need to catch her eye in a way that doesn’t turn her off.
  4. Make her jealous. Hint that other women are into you to gain her interest but don’t come onto her excessively. You don’t want to make it too easy for your French girl!
  5. Give her plenty of space. French girls don’t like guys who never go away. If you hang around like a tick on a dog, she’s bound to get a little irritated.

See, it really isn’t that difficult to seduce a French girl, but it is not all that easy, either. However, the results will be worth the chase. The best you can do is follow this advice next time you consider trying to seduce a French girl.

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