How to Seduce a Gemini Woman

To seduce a Gemini woman you absolutely need to rethink the persuasion process. Forget about the deceptive, shallow approach because she will see through that in a nanosecond! Instead, key in on her intellect, which is the core of her beautiful and brainy being. An intellectual stratagem draws in the exciting, but restless female Gemini like a moth to a flame. Learn what makes a Gemini tick and get on with that brazen, but well-thought-out seduction.

  1. Gemini's  Need Compliments
  2. No doubt, awestruck by her beauty, which is a generous astrological trait bestowed upon Gemini’s of the female gender, you will find yourself lusting after this usually petite mortal goddess. Striking green eyes and long, flirty eyelashes may lead you to believe she is coming on to you and your job is done, but not so fast; it is a wicked game she plays and you have some work to do!
  3. Take a crash-course in “Compliments 101” because your attempt to seduce a Gemini woman will be futile if you do not pay her a heap of genuine compliments. She will know if you are just going through the motions, too, so seriously practice up. Generally, though, you will find that complimenting her hair, clothes, makeup and of course, her perfect “10” body comes natural because Gemini’s usually look luscious anyway. Is it any wonder Heidi Klum and Angelina Jolie are both a Gemini!
  4. Communication
  5. Successful seduction of a Gemini woman is going to involve some deep one-on-one conversation. Women born under the sign of Gemini are communicative, which is a cover up for; they like to talk…a lot! Do not let this fact find you running for the hills, however. Gemini women consider delightful conversation with a man a turn on as long as he engages her in intelligent tête-à-têtes.
  6. Nothing cranks up the heat for a Gemini woman more than a man who can logically discuss the writings of Iam Fleming and Walt Whitman or the phenomenal acting of Johnny Depp and Clint Eastwood…themselves Gemini’s of course. If you want to seduce a Gemini woman, bone up on the latest New York Times bestseller list because Gemini’s are voracious readers. She will positively melt when you casually toss out a critique of a hot book, even if you read the online review and not the book. No one need know that little secret.
  7. Be Sociable and Ready to Party
  8.  A Gemini woman is so versatile; she will go from watching TV in sweat pants to her chic little black dress and a cocktail party in a New York minute. She will expect you to do the same. Sweet seduction will be yours if you can bear the burden of your Gemini girl being the life of the party; not to mention her being ogled by every male at a social event or sizzling dance club. If that turns you on, then all the better!
  9. Fair warning is in order here: Some astrologers paint a gloomy picture when it comes to the loyalty of a Gemini as a committed partner. However, with a strong, bold man by her side, other astrologers will tell you the Gemini woman is a faithful mate. If frivolous seduction is the only intention, though, a Gemini woman will certainly give you a run for your money. She knows the art of the game all to well!
  10. Seduce a Gemini Woman with Adventure
  11. Gemini women have an inborn need to act on impulse, so impress her with an impromptu hiking trip in the mountains or a bed-and-breakfast ski weekend. While female Gemini’s are girly girls in the beauty department, most are athletically fit. Do not be surprised if the seduction of your dreams packs a snow board and roller blades in the trunk of her car.
  12. The seduction of a Gemini woman can be as complicated as planning a trip around the world with her or as simplistic as sharing a few brews with her on game day. One of the most adaptable and sexual signs in astrology; the patient and thoughtful seduction of a Gemini is worth the wait!
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