How to Seduce a Korean Girl

Knowing how to seduce a Korean girl is something that men all over the world have been trying to do since the beginning of time. Men try their luck in the bars and clubs, but don’t know how to reap the rewards that many Korean girls have to offer. There are certain things that every man needs to do in order to get a Korean girl’s attention and eventually get her back to their home. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

  1. Don’t be shy. One of the best ways to seduce a Korean girl is to get out of your comfort zone and apply the three-second rule. As soon as you seem them, move in for the kill. You want to approach them without any shyness, as this is a major turn off to Korean girls.
  2. Remember that seduction is welcome. Many Korean girls want to be seduced; men just have to push the right buttons. You want to make advances that are smooth and sincere. Don’t be pushy, but let them know that you’re interested in pursuing a relationship with them: whatever that may be.
  3. Don’t touch until touched. Seducing a Korean girl is all about letting them make the first move. When you are in the seduction phase, you want to let them touch you first. This could just be a brush of the shoulder or a slip of the knee, but you will know that they are interested after that initial touch.
  4. Don’t overdue it. You want to be a little mysterious with Korean girls. They love to have mystery in their lives and you could be the right guy to give it to them. If you are out in a bar, don’t talk about yourself very much. Answer any questions they have, but don’t offer anything more than they ask.
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