How to Seduce a Latina Woman

One of the most important things about how to seduce a Latina woman is preparing yourself for the job. A Latina woman loves a well kept man. Traditionally Latina woman take care of themselves in their appearance and therefore expect their man to do the same. When you are getting ready for a night out on the town, you must take the following steps:

  1. Prepare for the date. Haircut, shower, shave and cologne are a must! Don't overdo it on the cologne though. Most Latina woman like a little facial hair. Dress to impress! Guys, you are not gonna get a Latina woman in jeans and a tee shirt! Suits would be preferable for a nice dinner out or a nice lounge for cocktails. A modern Jacket/Blazer, button down shirt and some stylish fitted jeans for other casual outings. Wear shoes , not sneakers.
  2. The Approach. For some men this can be the most difficult part of the game. But I recommend you proceed with CONFIDENCE! If you walk up to a Latina woman looking shy and introverted you will be knocked down quickly. But don't go overboard either, and definitely do not be cocky! Lets say you are at a cocktail lounge for example. You see the woman with whom you would like to strike up a conversation. Go over and strike up a conversation! No cheesy one liners please! Just a simple respectful conversation. Give her eye contact and ask her some questions about herself. Show her that you are charming, and sensitive and offer her a drink. Most of all be classy. This is what a Latino woman wants in her man of choice sexy,classy and confident!
  3. The date. So you asked her out and she said yes. You have already won half the battle. Time to impress her with a beautiful romantic dinner. DON'T BE CHEAP! The first date is crucial so go all out. A restaurant that needs a reservation would be best. Added touches include a single rose when you pick her up, opening the door for her, you get the point. Remember most Latinas are old- fashioned, so you must court accordingly. A bottle of champagne or wine for the dinner table. Dim lighting. Conversation on the date is important. You can be a little more personal with your questions. Find out her wants and needs. Make her feel as if you are the one who can fulfill her needs. Make her feel secure. Show her you’re trustworthy. DO NOT bring up sex, sexual acts or anything perverted. Make her feel as if she is the only one in the room. 
  4. Sealing the deal. After the date, you should definitely be able to deem it successful or not. If the date went great, she will seem to want to spend more time with you. Like a night cap, a couple more drinks, maybe a romantic stroll. These are all signs that she enjoyed herself . Latina woman are a little more traditional so try some old school tricks. Hold her hand, touch her hair. Don't go in for the first kiss unless its the right moment and she is responding to you subtle affections. Then at the right moment, go in for the kiss! Look her in the eyes and tell her how much you enjoyed her company, and how beautiful she is. Embrace her face with you hands and kiss her softly on the lips. Be responsive to her reactions. Feel how her body responds to yours. Let her guide you to the next step. It may or may not take a couple of dates to seal the deal. But most importantly let her make the first move towards the bedroom. If she wants you, she will let you know. A Latina woman is hot and feisty, she knows what she wants and will go after it. Once you do get her in bed remember one last thing PLEASURE HER BEFORE YOU PLEASURE YOURSELF. Oral sex for her is a must ! Keep it romantic. Make sweet love to her and she will keep coming back for more.
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