How to Seduce a Lawyer

Need to know how to seduce a lawyer? To seduce a lawyer, you’ll need gumption, determination and brains. Lawyers have a reputation for being tough—and one that is rightfully deserved. Coming from a cut-throat profession, attorneys need to put their best foot forward, both in their personal and professional lives. When you try to seduce a lawyer, show yourself as a potential mate that she can be proud of—one that is smart, savvy and confident.

  1. Show your smarts. Like most well-educated professionals, lawyers are attracted to men who are intelligent and successful. When you seduce a lawyer, skip the cheesy pick-up lines and empty compliments and show off your intellect and quick wit. Ask her insightful questions, respond to her remarks thoughtfully and talk about subjects that are meaningful to you.
  2. Be confident. In the legal profession, confidence is a make-or-break characteristic. Attorneys, thus, often look for self-assuredness in their mates. When you try to seduce a lawyer, be self-assured and show your interest without equivocation.
  3. Let her know you admire her. Even if you’re primarily attracted to her looks, focus on some of her personal characteristics, such as her insight, determination and work ethic. To seduce a lawyer, she will need to feel that she is valued for more than just her body.
  4. Keep the seduction away from her work. Because attorneys are bound by strict codes of professional conduct, avoid trying to seduce a lawyer at her firm or in the courtroom. Flirt with her at parties, happy hour or during other social events so that she can relax and won’t have to worry about damaging her career.  
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