How to Seduce a Leo Woman

So you’ve set your sights on the Queen of the jungle and are contemplating how to seduce a Leo woman. Who could blame you? It’s commonly known that Leo women are quite often the most stunningly attractive, interesting, independent and confident women of all the zodiac signs. Yes, many a man has been taken by lust for the lioness and has had to figure out just how to seduce a Leo woman.

Before you head for your book of the world’s greatest pick up lines or take advice from that buddy of yours who always seems to score the chicks, bear in mind that this will be no ordinary conquest. With this feline you’ll need a completely fine-tuned strategy to achieving victory (and believe us, it’s a victory). You must know exactly how to approach, how to romance, and most importantly how to seduce. A Leo woman is not easily impressed, but here are the three things that Leo chicks simply cannot resist while being courted.

  1. Attention – Leos of either gender are attention whores…big time! Especially the women though. You’ll usually find them in the center of a room dressed to the tee with every hair in place, engaging in marvelous conversation with any and all who acknowledge us. Make yourself known, show interest and openly adore them and they will likely want to keep you around for that reason in itself. Now you have a good foot in the door. * Caution! Leo women love being the center of attention and like to have an entourage of worshipers. You’ll have to step it up from here if you don’t want to be left stagnant in friend mode and never get the kitty…literally.
  2. Entertainment – Be ready to keep her entertained. Leo women bore easily and are quick to redirect their attention to the next suitor who captures their interest. Guys who know how to seduce a Leo woman are commonly entertainers, musicians, comedians, artists, and such. Find creative things to do or talk about with her, or just make her laugh. Keeping our interest is half the battle. * Be very careful not to outshine your lioness. Remember we must always be the center of attention and everything must at least appear to revolve around us. You must never…ever…steal our spotlight. Roooaar!
  3. Flattery – Here is where you go in for the kill. To seduce a Leo woman and have her purring at your feet, you must flatter her endlessly. Shower her with compliments regularly and sincerely and you will virtually have her reduced from ferocious Queen of the jungle to submissive sex kitten. *There really is no way to go wrong with step 3 if you have already made through steps 1 and 2. Keep reassuring your Leo lady that she is the most gorgeous, intelligent, witty, and magnificent woman on the planet and she'll be eating out of your hand. Hope you’re ready for mating season.

There you have it boys. By following these three easy steps, even a field mouse of a man can be able to seduce a Leo woman and become the King of her jungle. Happy hunting!

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