How To Seduce A Lesbian

Men aren’t the only ones who want to know how to seduce a lesbian. There are many women who are interested in the seduction of a lesbian.  Men are jealous over the fact that these women want a lesbian relationship and have an easier time seducing a lesbian than men do.

  1. Friendship is usually the beginning of a relationship with a lesbian. If you are already friends with a lesbian, she may be aware that you have an interest in her. Perhaps you have been flirting with her a little bit or given out some subtle hints. 
  2. Playing hard to get is part of the seduction game. When you begin your attempt to seduce a lesbian, chances are your lesbian friend will play hard to get at first because she enjoys being pursued. Chasing and being chased are often part of the love game in any type of relationship. We all may play one or both parts at some time in our lives to take a chance at finding that perfect partner.
  3. Determine if your lesbian friend feels chemistry between you. If there is no response from your lesbian friend to your flirtations, you may have to woo her in some other way. Showing her how important she is to you may help her notice your interest in her. If you don’t know the lesbian you are trying to seduce very well, it can take more effort to get her attention. In this case, flirting and making yourself attractive may be the key to the lesbian seduction.
  4. Pay attention to the “little things” to help pique her interest in you. Some of the things you can do to increase her interest in you are the little things.  Show a sincere interest in her and honestly listen to things she has to say; this can go a long way in increasing her awareness of your feelings for her. Continue to lead your own life and don’t dump your problems on her. Be there for her when she needs you and help her if you can, but don’t push yourself on her. Touch her in small, intimate ways like rubbing a smudge off her cheek or just a touch of your hand to show her how much you care. Give her little gifts that either you have made for her yourself or buy her some inexpensive gift that will make her think of you when she looks at it.
  5. Discuss your feelings openly with your lesbian friend. Rather than holding your feelings back, it is best to be open and honest with your friend and let her know how you feel. Be prepared for the chance that you will be rejected and may possibly lose that friendship. Even so, emotionally it is still better to get things out in the open than trying to keep your feelings secret. She may even have had feelings for you but didn’t want to approach you because you were straight and she didn’t want to ruin the friendship. You may never know if you don’t discuss it openly.
  6. If feelings are not reciprocated, it is time to move on. Just like in heterosexual relationships, sometimes it is just best to move on when things are not working out. Rather than torturing yourself over someone you cannot have, get out and start meeting other people. Even going to a local gay bar might help you sort out your feelings and help you move on. Remember, you are not the first straight person to want to seduce a lesbian.
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