How to Seduce a Libra Woman

If you're a believer of astrology, you'll want to know how to seduce a Libra. Libra is the sign of the scales advocating balance and justice, but she is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. A Libra woman’s life is dedicated to creating balance, harmony, and love. She has the gift of being able to see both sides of everything which often places her in a position of resolving conflict. The way to seduce a Libra woman is through beauty, romance, respect, and sincerity. Do not pursue a Libra woman unless you are prepared to share years of love, a harmonious home , and a life of balance. If you are just looking to notch the old bedpost, look elsewhere.

  1. Introduce yourself properly and suppress the urge to say “Hey baby, sup?" Approach a Libra woman with respect, using your best manners. Although she is a stickler for protocol, a Libra woman likes things intimately casual and comfortable for all. This means open her door, pull out her chair, relax, be real, and open yourself up to her. Be prepared to converse on a variety of subjects and be challenged. A Libra woman expects more than grunts and nods from a man trying to win her interest.
  2. Ask for a date. To seduce her, you will have to give her the home court advantage. A Libra woman is an aficionado of beauty, art, romance, and love. Invite her out to a museum, a garden restaurant, or create a picnic in a place of beauty. Do not pounce on her at the end of the evening expecting reciprocity. You will lose ground and have to win her trust and respect all over again. If you make a Libra woman uncomfortable, she will avoid you.

  3. Leave the guy manual at home. Seducing a Libra woman and using the guy manual to do it will only get you rejected and fast. This is not a quick “win her over with your charm and bed her” event. A Libra woman requires a longer seduction than most. There is no “the third date is the sex date” rule in the Libra world. When you have earned intimacy with a Libra woman, she will seduce you with her charm and passion. Remember, you are trying to win a goddess of love.

  4. Follow up after a date. Do not use guy time (anywhere between now and the end of your life) when calling after a date. You will need to be fresh in her mind instead of missing in action. Don’t overwhelm her will bouquets of flowers. A personally chosen remembrance that says "I enjoyed spending time with you," regardless of how little it costs, will win you points. For example, take a photo of the two of you together at a picnic or dinner and have it framed.

Winning the heart of a Libra woman may sound like a lot of work, and it can be at times, but you won’t notice it. You will be mesmerized by her charm, enchanted by her warm smile, and captivated by her passion. If you are fortunate enough to win her heart, your life will be filled with beauty, passion, balance, and a deeper love than you have never known. Not only will you have won a goddess, you will be personally enhanced by the experience as well.

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