How to Seduce a Married Indian Woman

Learning how to seduce a married Indian woman can seem like a task only for the most skilled pick-up artist, but with the right information and attitude anybody can do it. Finding a way to break down the barriers married Indian women put up is something that men all over the world have been trying to do. Here are some simple steps to take when seducing a married Indian woman.

  1. Learn the history. It would be wise to head over to the local library and grab some books on Indian culture. You should learn about everything native to India when trying to seduce a married Indian woman.
  2. Know they want to be seduced. Unlike many modern cultures, Indian women still participate in arranged marriages. Because of this fact, many Indian women are very unhappy with their current mate. You can capitalize on this with confidence in knowing that they want to be seduced by another man.
  3. Attend their social events. Many Indian families live in all Indian neighborhoods. Try your seduction skills out during one of their events. You could join one of their churches or hang around a couple of Indian restaurants to find some prospects.
  4. Use your inner confidence. Indian women love to be seduced by men who are confident. Make sure that you are confident in your approach and in your proposition. Don’t be shy, as they will pick up on this and leave you to yourself.
  5. Pretend to respect the marriage. Seduction is all about respect. You have to respect the fact that they are married, but use this barrier to your advantage. Make comments about how they would perfect for you if they weren’t married. This is a great way to show that you are respectful of their marriage, but still interested in hooking up with them.



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