How to Seduce Mexican Woman

Since the day that every man saw Selma Hayak in “Once Upon A Time In Mexico,” we have been wondering how to seduce a Mexican woman. Learning to use Mexican women’s culture to manipulate their feelings is not that hard. You just need to know how to do it. Here are tips to help you along the way.

  1. Don’t use your money. Mexican women are quite different than standard women. They don’t care about the muscle car they you drive or the Cartier watch on your wrist. Seducing a Mexican woman is all about their feelings. They want a man who understands their needs and their emotions.
  2. Dress the part. If you don’t normally dress well, you’re going to be a flop when it comes to seducing a Mexican woman. Mexican women look a man up and down from his shoes to his shirt. You need to dress well, but not overdo it. Wear a jacket with a nice pair of shoes and jeans for best results when seducing a Mexican woman.
  3. Give them their space. Mexican women are all about reaching their goals. Don’t stand in their way or you’re going to find yourself alone. Be supportive of what they want to do with their lives and believe that they will accomplish it.
  4. Be mysterious. Have you ever seen Mexican TV? Mexican women love a man who is mysterious. Don’t give out too much about yourself at first. You need to let your relationship build sexual tension and be a challenge when seducing a Mexican woman.
  5. Learn how to dance. Mexican women (like most women) love to dance. Take a dance class and learn the basics. Once you have mastered some moves, you’ll be all the better when it comes to seducing a Mexican woman.
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