How To Seduce a Mom

Seducing a mom is not a simple thing to do. For one thing, there are many different kinds of moms: some are happily married, some are not, some have several children, some may not, some may be older, some may be young, and some you may already know. The type of mom is very important, because some moms are lost causes and it’s better to steer clear of this kind of risk. 


To give you the best chance of getting it on with a MILF, know that the best type of mom to go for is one that is divorced. Period. Other types will be listed later, but this is the gold mine. It’s also best if her children are older, are moved out of the house, or spend their time away from home. Ideally it can happen if they are at home, but trust me, being alone in the house leads to a more relaxed, less reserved kind of love making. You also need to have a sense of whether she is adventurous and open to the experience. Most women would rather feel loved, be having sex, and feel desired than not. Often times though, their brains get in the way and they won’t try to get what they want, and may even reject the possibility.


Meeting a mom online is easy. Go to Craigslist, look for women anywhere between the ages of 20 and 40. Many have kids and are divorced. No one legitimate really comes out saying they are looking for sex, but they are. Trust me.  Then it’s a fishing game. Just keep sending out emails, getting a sense of what to say. It’s like playing guess and check.


Going after a mom you know can get a little dangerous. Is she is your best friend’s mom? Is she your own mother’s friend, or your dad’s? Are you prepared for the social risks that might come from failure, or even success? Let’s say you are. There are two approaches: the bold, and the subtle. The bold involves being very forward, calling her up and asking her to meet (perhaps for lunch) or just going over to her house to talk. You can pretend you’re there for another reason or just come out and say it once you’re in person with her. If she’s the adventurous confident kind of girl and you’re her type, you’ve got it made. However, the subtle approach is safest, and allows for more of that emotional connection that most women enjoy when they have sex.


Meet with her to ask her advice about something. Get to know her. Treat it like a real attempt at a relationship and keep advancing. Be the student and let her be the teacher. It’s safer because you’re letting her think about it. Compliments about how attractive she is will let her know there’s more going on. The key is secrecy. Most moms don’t want it known they’re having sex with younger men.

Finally, a few types that are good marks: unhappily married moms, older moms unsatisfied with their husbands, moms you have a history with and with whom you could strike up something, and moms who are in financially stressed situations. The latter could use the comfort and maybe the hope of financial assistance. Dangle the carrot out there and see if she bites.

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