How to Seduce a Mother-In-Law

Cougars are hotter than ever, so it's no surprise that more men want to learn how to seduce a mother-in-law. Although a sexual encounter with an older woman is often a thrilling night to remember, be forewarned that engaging in any kind of affair with your mother-in-law is risky. It's not surprising that you might be attracted to your mother-in-law, as she may very well be a more experienced, more mature, sexier version of the woman you've already fallen in love with-your wife. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that your young bride will approve of you having hot, sweaty, passionate sex with another woman- especially if that woman is her mother. In order to successfully seduce a mother-in-law, you'll want to be sure to adhere to some important guidelines.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the potential consequences. Before you begin to seduce a mother-in-law, be aware that doing so may result in marital complications, and may also complicate the relationship between her wife and her mother. Be prepared to take responsibility for the seduction.
  2. Let the mother-in-law know you're interested. If the mother-in-law is an outwardly sexual woman, you may be able to tell her about your intentions directly. Older women, or cougars, are often fairly free with their own sexually and have no problem admitting an attraction to a younger man. However, if the mother-in-law is reserved, shy, or not easy to read, you'll want to drop subtle but consistent hints. You can tell her she looks attractive in her dress, send her a provocative e-mail (from a private account), or simply give her a look that says "I want you". Whatever your method, be sure that your attraction to her is reciprocal before you proceed, or you could be very embarrassed.
  3. Set some terms for the "relationship." No, you don't need a 15-page contract, but be certain that both you and the mother-in-law are on the same wavelength. Are you looking to have a one night stand or an ongoing affair? You'll both feel better if you agree on what the sex means.
  4. Compliment her assets. Even the most confident of cougars are sometimes insecure about their aging looks. Tell her why she turns you on and why you find her sexy.
  5. Let her be in control. Older women have generally been around the block a few times. The mother-in-law is probably looking for something from you that she isn't getting at home- whether it's your young virile body, undivided attention, or "up-for-anything" attitude. Either way, let her take the reigns and follow her lead. Remember-she had been wined and dined, taken out, and seduced before you were even born. She knows what she likes and what she doesn't, so pay attention to her signals.
  6. Make her feel comfortable. No matter how great the sex, the mother-in-law may feel a bit guilty or regretful after it's over. You'll want to comfort her, and let her know that what happened between the two of you is special and private.

Remember-a mother-in-law is a mature woman who is often more confident and secure than her younger counterparts. If you're going to successfully seduce her, you must come across as emotionally mature, sexually competent and ready to give her what she wants.

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